Wednesday, April 12, 2023

BrainHack to Reprogram your Thoughts and Increase Manifestation

 BrainHack to Reprogram your Thoughts and Increase Manifestation

It's been quite a while since  I was inspired to put together any kind  of blog or newsletter, but I  have been playing with a new tool that I am finding very effective on several fronts.

When people find that they are having difficulty  with manifestation, or if they manage to  manifest what they  are seeking and then something happens to reverse that   receiving in some way, what  these  two situations generally  mean  is that there is some kind of internalized negative  subliminal programming or  negative belief system running quietly  on  repeat with the subconscious  thoughts.

Clients that come  to  me for Energetic Trauma Release,  experience a process that can  be  pretty   intense  for clearing these negative beliefs from the source experience at which they were created.  Whether that origination  point of the negative belief be from childhood, the womb, pre-birth, a  past life or trapped within their DNA, their Ancestry, as in the science of Epigenetics.  This can be really fascinating and dynamic, where I have had clients see an experience from  a parent's or an Ancestor's point  of view that  occurred before they were born,  something they could not know about, they have had past life experiences or memories from being in the womb, and some have even had experiences that appear  to  be off-planet.  It can be very profound.

But for those that are seeking a milder form of self-clearing and reprogramming the subconscious thoughts, I came across this very interesting hack that is taking basic affirmations to the next  level.

1. Search YouTube or another Audio platform for "Binaural Beats 6 Hz Theta".  Technically, you can use 2hz - 8hz.  You  may want to play  with the different Hz levels to  see  what  works best for you. 
2. You  must use headphones or both ear buds.  The whole point of Binaural  is that the sound is coming through each ear slightly differently and your brain hemisperes are reading and processing the information differently this way.  
3. Do deep diaphragmatic breathing for deeper relaxation as you begin  to listen to  the Binaural Audio. (Slow deep breaths bringing the breath down into your lower stomach/upper  pelvis area. Play  with breathing in through the nose and out the mouth, if you can).  This type of breathing helps to reset the nervous system and supports the ability for this technique to work deeply within the subconscious.
4. Think or say your mantra.  Whatever your  are seeking  to embed into your subconscious.  I usually work with a few statements that are connected in  purpose.  (for example, my metabolism is increasing, I have more and more energy and zest  for  life. I  only eat foods that heal and feed my  body. My body is becoming its optimal size, weight and lifeforce.)  Your  topic can be about connecting to  guides and  increasing your intution, or it could  be about attracting  a  love partner and being a more loving being in  the world, etc0  
5. Repeat this for 15-20 min a day and just observe what changes you notice over the course  of  a week.
6. Express gratitude for the small  changes.  Gratitude increases the flow.
7. I do  mine and night and fall asleep at some point.  I find that my  sleep is more restful and I  wake up in a more positive space than ever!  But  you  may  want to play with different times of day  to see what works best for you.

HAPPY BRAIN HACKING! If you have any questions, feel free to reach  out to me! Texting is my favorite. (864) 915-2313

Ariana Zariah
Certified Energetic Release Facilitator 


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