Monday, May 22, 2023

Powerful Self-Clearing


I recently sat by a creek in  the woods, not unlike the one pictured above.  I took off my shoes and connected with the Earth.  (Read the benefits  of Grounding here) As I listened to the movement of the water on the rocks, the breeze in the trees overhead, and the tree frogs and birds, I connected to a piece of me that was wounded and ready to be acknowledged and cleared.  I will share the process of this profound  and intimate clearing to assist in helping others to have their own mystical experience.

I had a journal with  me which was helpful, but not necessary.  As the emotions began to bubble to the  surface, I jotted down what it felt like it was  about.

I feel lonely. I feel unworthy. I feel like no one sees me or hears me, like I  am not even here.

 Before learning clearing work, I would have wallowed in the phrases and feelings of loneliness or whatever was coming up at the time.  Now that I have been trained in many forms of clearing work or shadow work,  I  have developed a way of working with these feelings to go deeper and clear them.

These phrases felt all connected so I focussed on  the strongest phrase. "I feel lonely".  I focussed  on the phrase, the emotions, and the energies in my  body.  I  asked my  higher self, "Where did this come from?"  I immediately saw myself as a baby in a crib.  Often, at this point the ego mind will whisper, "You are making that up."  I had to push through this distraction and stay with the image of the baby in the crib.   As  the baby, I am crying. I feel like I have been crying  for a while  and it feels like I am  getting very anxious as the baby.  It feels like I am feeling like maybe no one hears me. Maybe no one will ever come for me.  I say this phrase in my mind, "No one is coming for me".  As the words move through my adult thoughts, my heart starts to race and I flood with tears in real time.  I flash to  my current heart ache that I have yet  to find a fulfilling and healthy love partner.  "No one is coming for me" took on a deeper meaning threading through my  entire life.

Now  is the hard part, because I am crying pretty intensely because this phrase has touched a deep wound in my soul.  "Breathe", I remind myself.  Through the tears, I force myself to slow my breath down into a slow, soft inhale.  "Repeat the phrase as you  exhale."  I see the baby in the crib and many other moments of my life flash across my mind. It is challenging to stay with the breath, but it is imperative.  I continue to breathe as slowly as I can, repeating the phrase, and ending the phrase with "Clear and release", over and over  until the emotions subside and I feel a bit calmer.  Then  I see myself a little  older,  4 1/4 years  old, crawling into the crib of my brother who is crying to take care of him.  (This is something I have been  told that I did often, and was nicknamed Midget Mother as a small child).  The 4 year old version of me was saying to herself, "I have to take care of him.  They won't come for him.  They won't do it right. It's up to  me."  Whoa! That made so many  pieces come together for me.  Whether or not any of this actually happened, there is no  way to know.  It definitely helped me clear the feeling  of being alone  and  also address the feeling of having  to do everything myself.

This technique is not always easy to do, especially when the emotions that come through are intense.  But with practice you can improve.  There are always times that working with a Facilitator may be the most effective to get you past the trickier traumas.

Here's the breakdown.

Feel the feeling.

Identify the negative belief.

Ask yourself where it comes from and be open to whatever pops in. (Sometimes it might be a past life.

Within the image  that pops up, what is the fear or stress?

Breathe, repeat the phrase, clear  and release.   Repeat this step until you feel calm.

See  what other insights  come through.

Happy Shadow Work!   And if  you  find something you struggle with clearing on your  own, you  may always book an Energetic Trauma Release Session (phone, zoom or in-person).











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