Tuesday, May 30, 2023

What is Mysterium?



by Saint's Solutions

There are no words to explain the metaphysical, spiritual and health properties of

Mysterium. But I will list some of the properties and give you reference points so you

can research the science, quantum properties, energies and health properties that are

in the water. (It will raise your spiritual consciousness.)

1) Using Dr David Hawkins spiritual consciousness chart MYSTERIUM calibrates at

1000. That is the top of the chart and is based on Christ Consciousness.

2) Using dowsing rods or kinesiology the energy field is over 9 feet.

3) Using our system of measuring the size of water molecules we rate the water at

9,000 Angstrom which is 9 times more hydrating that tap and most bottled water.

We give our own meaning to Angstrom to represent the molecular size of the water

cluster. The higher the angstrom count the smaller and more hydrating the water


4) We use subtle energy fields as outlined in Masuru Emotos books Hidden Message

in water and HADO medicine, Healing Power of Water to aid in the energy fields


5) Water is programmable and retains energy memory. We use Rife machine

frequencies of 432 to 628 to program the water to universal healing frequencies.

6) The highest color healing frequencies is violet. We treat the water with a Violet

laser scientific devise. (Research Edgar Casey Violet Ray healing)

7) Certain crystals protect from EMF damage and poisoning. We program Amethyst,

Rose Quartz, Quartz and Aventurine in our water to protect from EMFs. Our

readings say MYSTERIUM gives 100% protection when your cells contain

Mysterium water.

8) Mysterium has more than 18 hours of magnetic vortex restructuring , Rife, and

Masuru Emoto programming. ( research Royal Rife healing)

To understand the above information, search: Coherent water, EZ water,

Structured water. How to magnetize water. Dan Nelson’s Wayback Water.

Also research Violet Ray healing. Crystal healing / EMF protection.

Benefits of colloidal gold

1) Enter deeper states of meditation, achieve higher states of consciousness

ease anxiety and stress, elevate mood

2) Increase I.Q. and memory, focus, attention and clarity

3) Decrease depression, ease alcohol and drug addiction

4) Repairs the Pineal gland, DNA and stimulates stem cell growth

Benefits of colloidal copper 

1) treats wounds, infections and burns.

2) supports cardiovascular health and reduces cholesterol, boost immunity and


3)prevents osteoporosis and helps the nervous system

4) “Brain food” supports out of the box thinking, creative thinking and improves

cognitive ability

5) stimulates collagen and elastin reduces wrinkles, discoloration, and age-related

skin conditions .

6) Important for Iron and sugar uptake and developing stem cells

Benefits of colloidal silver

1)  Kills viruses, bacteria and fungal / yeast growth

2)  Helps protect from radiation of EMFs and microwave radiation as in 5G microwave


3) Destroys over 600 pathogens. Ignore the misinformation internet sites by Big

4)  Pharma and the Government stating there is little research and proof to support

colloidal silver claims. We can provide over 100 studies done around the word

proving the effectiveness of colloidal silver, even against antibiotic resistant

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